Town Council Crest
Minutes from the
Ingleby Barwick Town Council
Meeting held on Tuesday 20th April 2021
via the Zoom platform

Present: Councillors J Emmerson (Chairman), Barnes, Brown, Dodds, Irwin, Kirby, Patterson, Rutland, Strike, Turnbull and Watson.

In Attendance: Mrs. J. McGeeney, Town Clerk and J Stevely.

Also in attendance: Ward Councillors Faulks and Watson, R Bradford Borough Council Enforcement and three members of the public.

The Chairman, Cllr James Emmerson, opened the meeting and welcomed all present to the virtual April 2021 Meeting of Ingleby Barwick Town Council.

  1. Housekeeping: The meeting was held using Zoom video technology in line with the changes to the regulation which came into force on 4th April 2020. The Local Authorities and Police and Crime Panels (Coronavirus) (Flexibility of Local Authority and Police and Crime Panel Meetings) (England and Wales) Regulations 2020.

  2. Notice of Meeting: The Chairman noted the Notice of the Meeting had been published on the Town Council’s website and on the notice board at the Ingleby Barwick Community Hall, Beckfields.

  3. HRH Prince Philip, Duke of Edinburgh: A minute’s silence was observed following the death of Prince Philip.

  4. Apologies for Absence: None.

  5. Declaration of Interests : Cllr Watson declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in all items involving her role as a Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (SBC) Ward Councillor and as an owner of Fix-It DIY. Cllr Strike declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in all items involving his role as a Stockton-on-Tees Borough Council (SBC) Ward Councillor, Chairman of the Ingleby Barwick Community Partnership and as an attendee of the Living Hope Church. Cllr Barnes declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in all items involving Ingleby Healthcare. Cllr Turnbull declared a personal/non-prejudicial interest in all items involving Ingleby Barwick Community Partnership.

  6. Public Participation Part 1: Ward Cllr Faulks submitted a request on behalf of Ingleby Barwick Litter Pickers for a grant towards equipment. The Council had awarded the litter pickers financial support in previous years. Ward Cllr Faulks was advised that an application would need to be submitted for the Town Council to consider. Cllr Faulks had previously been sent the application form.

  7. Enforcement: Richard Bradford, Duty Supervisor from Stockton Borough Council informed the meeting of recent fires in Romano Park behind the MUGA which was thought to be started using waste from the recycling centre at Myton Road. The Enforcement Team had been working closed with Stockton Borough Council and Cleveland Fire Brigade and had identified most of the youths causing issues.

    Other issues included the use of off-road motorbikes using the cycle track at the rear of All Saints School. In respect of the recent incident of tyre slashing along The Rings, it had been advised that an older male had been identified and investigations were ongoing. Incidents involving noise had increased however it was noted that these incidents involved one household. Incidents relating anti-social behaviour had increased, due to more people being out during the second lockdown.

    Cllr Strike requested an update from the Enforcement Service following an incident at Shady Park where two young girls had been approached by a male who encouraged them to his car.

    Cllr Watson asked if there had been any issues following the reopening of pubs. It was reported that this had been the main point of focus for the Covid Marshals who advised that most had been operating correctly with minor guidance.

  8. Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 16th March 2021: There being no amendments. PROPOSED by Cllr Barnes SECONDED by Cllr Strike and RESOLVED that the Minutes of the Town Council Meeting held on 16th March 2021 be accepted as a true and accurate record of the meeting.

  9. Clerk and Chairman’s Report

    1. The Rings Community Hub update – The Clerk reported that the Hub had reopened to permitted users on 12th April 2021. There had been several enquiries for new users including Adult Education classes, baby classes and leisure for the over 50s. Stockton Borough Council had been using The Hub three time as week as a Community Lateral Flow Testing site and this would continue until the end of June 2021. A further request by an independent pharmacist to use The Hub as a Covid vaccination centre had been received. However, as only one afternoon was available this was not deemed viable.

    2. Social Media update - The Clerk was still awaiting bios from two Town Councillors and once received the Town Council Facebook page would be published.

    3. Local Elections 2021 update – Details of the four candidates for the vacant seat on the West Ward of the Town Council were submitted together with details of the five Polling Stations.

  10. Memorial Bench: Councillor Strike requested that consideration be given to the Town Council providing a bench in memory of Tom Bowman who was a former Parish/Town Councillor of 30 years. Cost for a bench had been received from Stockton Borough Council. PROPOSED by Cllr Emmerson and SECONDED by Cllr Dodds that the request be referred to the Town Maintenance Committee for the siting of the bench prior to a formal application being made to Stockton Borough Council.

  11. Wildflower’s update: Cllr Watson reported that the area had been rotavated in preparation for sowing. There would be a period of two weeks to eliminate weeds proper to sowing in early May. It was highlighted that there may come a time when this area would no longer be viable. It had been requested that the wildflower display remain in the current area but moved slightly. A reply was awaited.

  12. Ingleby Barwick Communities: A written report from the Chairman of the Ingleby Barwick Communities was presented. A request had been submitted for the use of the Ground Floor Hall for a 1940s Tea Dance to be held in October. It was requested that Ingleby Barwick Communities use the hall free of charge to enable the charge of a minimal fee for residents wishing to participate. PROPOSED by Cllr Emmerson and SECONDED by Cllr Strike and RESOLVED that the use of the Ground Floor Hall be offered to Ingleby Barwick Communities free of charge for the 1940s Tea Dance event.

  13. Borough Councillors’ reports: Written reports from the East and West Wards by the Borough Councillors were presented. Issues related to: -

    • Beckfields Avenue Bus Stop
    • Anti-social behaviour Shady Park
    • Corner House
    • Dog theft attempt
    • River Tees Rediscovered sculpture trail artwork
    • Lamp post bin – Middle Road
    • BMX/pump track

    • Slashed tyres – The Rings
    • The Scene Café – Myton Shops
    • Ingleby Barwick Library and Leisure centre re-opening
    • Romano Park

    Cllr Rutland reported that the newly installed artwork sculpture trail was covered in muddy footprints. Cllr Watson would report this to Stockton Borough Council. Ward Councillor Faulks asked whether the Borough Councillor reports were circulated to members of the public. He was reminded that these were submitted for Town Councillor information only however, the bullet points were detailed in the minutes.

  14. Committee Minutes and Committee Update report

    Events Committee – 29th March 2021 – PROPOSED by Cllr Strike SECONDED Cllr Patterson Cllr Irwin was listed as being present in error. Cllr Strike provided an update on proposed events for the coming year.

    Personnel Committee – 7th April 2021 – PROPOSED by Cllr Watson SECONDED by Cllr Rutland. Cllr Watson provided an update on the Personnel Committee detailing policies under the Personnel remit for review.

    Policy Committee – 15th April 2021 – PROPOSED by Cllr Irwin and SECONDED by Cllr Emmerson. Cllr Irwin provided an update on the Policy Committee detailing the policies under review and a concern which had been raised regarding noncompliance with ICO requirements for the Town Council’s CCTV at the Rings Community Hub.

  15. Finance: Monthly reports: The Clerk presented the Council’s financial transactions for the Town Council’s General Account from 1st – 31st March 2021 and the Hub Account from 1st – 31st March 2021. It was RESOLVED that the financial transactions be APPROVED.

  16. Planning Applications: Details of the Planning Applications up to week ending 28th March 2021 and Delegated Decisions up to week ending 4th April 2021 were presented.

  17. Matters of Concern to Councillors: Copy of the Council’s Asset Register would be forwarded to Town Councillors. Cllr Emmerson thanked Members for the last two years of his Chairmanship. He felt the Town Council had made good headway and hoped any new Chairman would follow the Town Council’s aim to remain apolitical.

  18. Date of next Town Council Meeting: The Annual Meeting of the Town Council would be held at 7.00pm on Tuesday 18th May 2021 at The Rings Community Hub. The public would be invited to attend via zoom only to conform with Covid regulations.

  19. Public Participation – Part Two: Cllr Faulks informed the meeting that Beckfields Public House with last orders being at 9.30pm. He also suggested that the family of Tom Bowman should be consulted prior to the Town Council going forward with any decision regarding the installation of a memorial bench.

The Chairman thanked everyone for their participation.

The meeting closed at 8.00pm

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