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Minutes of the Events Committee Meeting held at
6.00pm on Thursday 28th April 2022

Present: Cllrs J Rutland (Chairman), M Fryer, M Patterson.

Also in attendance: J McGeeney, Town Clerk and Cllr Irwin (ex-officio).

  1. Housekeeping: The Chairman advised those present of the emergency escape procedures. It was requested that mobile phones be switched to silent. If a call was received and had to be taken Members were politely requested to leave the room.

  2. Apologies for absence: None submitted.

  3. Declarations of Interest: None.

  4. Queen’s Platinum Jubilee Celebrations – Update.

    • Jubilee Town Trail – The Chairman and Clerk had developed a Jubilee Town Trail approximately 6Km in length in an estimated duration of 1.5 – 2 hours. The Clerk was currently devising clues to the trail. Once completed these would be sent to Cllr Fryer to ‘test’ the route. Once satisfied the trail would be advertised on social media for individuals/families/groups to undertake during the month of June. A prize would be awarded. Details would be presented to a future meeting.

    • Queen’s Jubilee Colouring competition - Cllr Patterson was in the process of designing a poster advertising the children’s colouring competition for the Queen’s Jubilee. The closing date for entries was Sunday 29th May. There were two age categories – seven years and under and over sevens. Details of the prizes to be awarded would be discussed at a future meeting.

  5. Future Events – The Town Council had agreed to hold a Murder Mystery Night on Saturday 9th July. The Town Clerk had been in contact with theatre company and had received quotes. In order to meet the costs of actors the Events Committee requested that a sum of up to £500 be used from the Events Budget in order to subsidise the event. In respect of catering for this event, to keep costs down, it was suggested that participants would bring their own food and drink.

    In addition to events planned within the Town Council calendar possible future events had been identified as a Film Night and a Food and Drink market. Updates on all events would be presented at future meetings.

  6. Date of next meeting: To be held on Thursday 19th May 2022 at 6.00pm.

The meeting closed at 6.40pm.

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