Town Council Crest
Minutes of the Hub & Town Maintenance Committee Meeting,
6.00pm on Monday 9th May 2022.

Present: Cllrs Kirby (Chairman), Dodds, (Item 4 only) and Rutland.

In Attendance: J McGeeney – Town Clerk

  1. Housekeeping: The Chairman advised those present of the emergency escape procedures. It was requested that mobile phones be switched to silent. If a call was received and had to be taken Members were politely requested to leave the room.

  2. Apologies for absence: None.

  3. Declarations of Interest: None.

    Due to work commitments Cllr Dodds was only able to attend for the item on Room Hire Rates which, at the agreement of the Chairman, had been brought forward.

  4. Room Hire Rates - Cllr Dodds had previously been working with the Town Clerk on the invoicing arrangements for the Hub. Room rates and their associated discount had been inherited from Onsite’s management of the Hub. The rate for the First Floor Hall had been reduced due to Covid regulations. The small ground floor office had been given a room rate of £10.00 per hour but was not discounted in any way. It was felt that this figure was excessive in relation to the other halls and that the hourly rate should be reduced to £6.00 per hour and also include the discounted rate in line with the other rooms. The room rates had remained static since the opening of the Hub and it was felt that in the current climate these would remain. It was PROPOSED that a rate review be undertaken in January 2023 for implementation in the next financial year. RECOMMENDED:-

    1. that there be no increase in the room rates during this financial year and the rate for the small office be reduced to £6.00 per hour and discounted for longer periods.
    2. A rate review for all room hire be undertaken in January 2023 for implementation in the new financial year.

  5. Grounds Maintenance – The grounds maintenance for the 2022 cutting season had commenced. It had previously been identified that one of the trees within the Hub grounds had died. The cost of a similar tree would be in the region of £100.00. RECOMMENDED that it be replaced by the ground’s maintenance contractor at a cost of approximately £100.00.

  6. Town Council Flagpole – At the meeting of the Town Council meeting held on 15th March 2022, members referred the future of the Town Council’s Flagpole to the Hub and Town Maintenance Committee for consideration. The current policy on flag flying states that the Union Flag will fly and all times unless the Town Council Crest is being flown. The Crest will be flown following the death of a standing or former Town Councillor, when it would be flown at half-mast as a mark of respect and would remain until the day after the funeral. This policy was adopted on 21st September 2021 and would be reviewed no later than 21st September 2025. The future of the flagpole would be further considered at this time.

  7. Decoration of the Rings Community Hub – Following an advertisement for expressions of interest for the decoration of the Rings Community Hub the Town Clerk had received nine expressions of interest. To date four companies had visited the Hub. Quotations were expected within the next couple of weeks. Details of these quotations would be submitted to a future meeting prior to consideration by the Town Council.

  8. RAF Memorial Stone – The Town Council at its meeting on 15th March considered a request that the Town Council Memorial Stone be relocated from its current position to land adjacent to St Francis of Assisi Parish Church. The Town Clerk had contacted Stockton Borough Council to ascertain an approximate cost for the relocation and returning the area back to grass. This had been estimated in the region of £15 - £20K plus and was dependent upon the size and the area of the materials. The Town Clerk was to meet Reverend Brenda Forrester to discuss the matter of the Memorial Stone.

  9. Living Christmas Trees – The Hub and Town Maintenance Committee had discussed the provision of living Christmas Trees within the villages of Ingleby Barwick and two sites had been identified within the Rings and Beckfields. Stockton Borough Council had indicated that the site at the Rings would not be suitable due to poor ground conditions and not practical to plant new trees. A location on Beckfields Avenue had been identified which was near to a power supply for illuminations. The cost of the tree would be £750.00 for the supply, planting and stakes/cage. The size would be similar to the tree at the roundabout on Ingleby Way. As an alternative the Committee suggested that the Town Clerk contact Stockton Borough Council to ascertain prices for alternative decorations to include their installation and storage costs.

  10. Date of next meeting: Monday 20th June at 6.00pm.

The meeting ended at 7.30pm.

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