Member List

updated 10th September 2015

Councillor Stefan Barnes Chairman/Town Mayor 2015/2016
Councillor Tom Bowman Vice Chairman/Deputy Town Mayor 2015/16
Councillor Philip English  
Councillor Jenny Rutland  
Councillor Ted Strike  
Councillor Cheryl Thomas  
Councillor James Emmerson
Councillor Ann Kenyon
Councillor Allan Mitchell
Councillor Megan Patterson
Councillor Ross Patterson
Councillor Sally Ann Watson
Paula Hall  
Office Address:
Ingleby Barwick Town Council
Barwick Lodge
Ingleby Way
Ingleby Barwick
TS17 0RH
Tel: 01642 308665

The Good Councillors Guide – Essential guidance for parish and town councillors’ has been published. This revised and updated fourth edition is a welcome and an essential resource for new and established councillors but also for those thinking about becoming a local councillor. It looks at new powers that local (parish and town) councils have after the Localism Act 2011 came into force as well as councillors responsibilities; what they can do and must not do; processes around meetings; delivery of service; and lots of tips explaining in simple terms the broader world of local government.

A copy of the guide can be downloaded from here

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